UE4 Demo Scene for Realistic Lighting


Artstation Demo 1: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3owBvm

Artstation Demo 2: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/v1m9oD 

A practice scene for artificial lighting, sharing the project files for educational purposes and/or if people want to use the modular pieces to build up different scenes. Scenes have baked lighting, so fps is high (120fps for me). The assets are great for concrete structures, underground areas, warehouses and abandoned buildings. There are multiple lamp/lighting assets and a modular stairwell kit. Everything is set up to be easily customized for whatever you need.


* Modular pieces for concrete structures, underground areas, warehouses and abandoned buildings

* Great project to learn and experiment with light setups and cameras

* 3 Scenes: concrete stairwell scene, an underground parking + asset overview scene

* Scenes have baked lighting, so it should be fine in older versions

* 23 Unique Meshes (Includes a slightly modified static version of the UE4 character model)

* 10 Master Materials

* 33 Material Instances (Unique unwraps, Tiling, Post-processing and Decal materials)

* Easy to tweak material setup, perfect for PBR workflow

* 46 Textures (1 Post Processing, 4 Decal Textures, 41 PBR Textures)

Texture Sizes: 4k-2k-1k*

*(4k textures compressed to lower resolution for better performance, can be uncompressed for higher resolution renders

Documentation: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Q13HtuzI13jIt_8cTtC4aJFixMJyzxGQB8v4lzl2kz8

Important/Additional Notes: 120fps in viewport, lighting is baked.

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